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Obituary for Maria - Salcedo

Maria Salcedo, 80 years old, resident of Stockton, CA, passed away on April 20, 2023.

Maria was born on January 2, 1943 in Michoacán, Mexico. Her highest level of education was 4th grade. She was a homemaker, and seamstress by trade, and taught catechism as well. She married and went on to have 4 living children. She divorced later on.

She came to the United States where she would work as a farm worker in California. She worked alongside people like Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez to help unionize migrant farm workers.

Later on in life she would become a caretaker and homemaker for the next 20 years. Caring for the elderly and disable, while helping raise her 10 grandchildren. She loved tending to her plants and had a green thumb. Her favorite flowers were Roses and Calla Lily’s.

After she retired, she went on to continue to help raise her grandchildren and spend time sharing her recipes with them. She loved to cook, and host. She was a devoted catholic. Towards the end of her life she enjoyed crafting. Creating hair clips for her nephews children, grandchildren and to give as gifts. She also enjoyed making homemade jewelry to wear or give away.

She is survived by her children; María Isabel Salcedo, Mario Salcedo, José Jesús Salcedo, and Yesenia Salcedo. As well as her grandchildren; John Salcedo, Indabel Felix, Jonathan Salcedo, José Jesús Salcedo, Mario Salcedo, Leobardo Salcedo, Bryanna Salcedo, Andrea Salcedo, Desiree Salcedo, and Noelani Quilenderino, as well as her first great grand child, Jaxson Castaneda.

Maria Salcedo was a wonderful daughter, mother, grandmother and friend. She cared deeply for all of those around her. She always wanted to do more for the sick, and injured and be involved with her community. Always wanting to give more than what she had, and willing to help even when she couldn’t. She lived a very hard and difficult life, but never one to shy away from helping others. She loved to sing whenever she could, and always looked forward to spending time with her grandchildren.